About Nuha


Metaphysical virtue of architecture.

Masses attract each other that is why this universe did not collapse; whole universe is a designed activity of God, the synergized design of solar system is the same design of an atom and this is not just a coincidence. If we understand this, we can understand the metaphysical virtue of any designed space or masses. Every built environment has an aura, radiating to its environs and within its own spaces and every building is a statement in architectural language. All an architect needs to do to have a clear concept before sharpening the pencil to sketch.



  • Global

NUHA designs for future on an international standards and norms. Winning both national and international awards and Joint ventures abroad can be considered as a proof to the fact.

  • Exposure

Vast exposure of international exhibitions enables NUHA to broaden its material palette.

  • Novelty

NUHA produce original design for each client, each of its design is different from other is confirmation to it.

  • Comprehensive

NUHA deals with both architectural and interior design thus produce well coordinated drawings. By virtue of this, unnecessary delays and construction cost is curtailed.

  • Focus

Being a medium size growing architectural firm, NUHA enable to give due time and attention to each project.

  • Competitive

To NUHA, architecture is more of a passion so they charge very competitive remuneration for its services.

  • Cost effective

NUHA believes in low cost design solutions.